Plausible Deniability

Can't Let Go INFO
Never Set INFO
On a Bad Vibe INFO
The Big Plan INFO
Passers By INFO
A Certain Way INFO
When We Were Young INFO
Pulling All The Strings INFO
Deny Reality INFO
Constant State of Flux INFO

Andrew Van Garratt has teamed up again with Matt Hyde to produce album 5. All songs written and performed by AVG and all songs mixed and mastered by Matt Hyde.

The resulting album has been signed by Warner Chappell. The album contains 1 BBC Introducing Track Of The Week, 3 BBC Introducing Tracks Of The Day, a play on 6 Music, Planet Rock and Hard Rock Hell radio.

Electrize – Jive to 1935

The Calloway Jive INFO
Zoot Suit Charlie INFO
Jive to 1935 INFO
Peaceful Promenade INFO
Parisian Sunset INFO
Tango Heist INFO

A nostalgic ode to 1930’s Jazz Cafe Swing with jiving Gypsy guitars. Co-written and produced with Ziggy Sullivin. Released by WCPM

Over Me

Over Me INFO
Attention Economy INFO

Andy noticed on his PRS statement that the song Over Me was used on the BBC Show Shakespeare and Hathaway. Originally just a quick demo so decided to get the song remastered and give it a proper release along with a B-side.

Without Polarity

Song of Spring INFO
Rest in Sheol INFO
Across the Street INFO
Where is the Love INFO
Planned from the Start INFO
The True Love Shanty INFO
Ascension INFO
Karma Law INFO
They Take Away INFO
Revel in the Method INFO
People Rushing You INFO

“This smoking collection of driving, guitar-centric cues – including instrumental grooves as well as songs – brings a touch of nostalgia with a poetic nod to early progressive rock with ardent, anthemic choruses and serious guitar shredding compliments of Andrew Van Garratt.”
-Description by WCPM

Andrew Van Garratt has teamed up with Angus Wallace again to produce album 4. All songs written by AVG and all songs mixed and mastered by Angus Wallace at Far Heath Studio.

The resulting album has been signed by Warner Chappell and a song featured on BBC Introducing.

Always Urgent EP

Kila Keli INFO
I Was So Glad INFO
The Pain INFO
Out Of The Abyss INFO

Always Urgent is the 5th EP released by Andrew Van Garratt. A collection of tracks recorded with Stuart Turner and other assorted recordings. 

Tracks 3 and 4 were featured on Fresh On The Net Eclectic Picks. A playlist compiled each week orientated to the alternative music fan. 

Track 3 “The Pain” featured on Feb 15th 2022 and Track 4 “Out Of The Void” (formally back To The Void) featured on 19th Jan 2021

Regarding the song “The Pain” the curator of the playlist said  “the brilliance of the track demanded inclusion!!!”

Materialist Reductionist

Nothing In The World INFO
Nobody Is Free INFO
No Simpatico INFO
The Answer INFO
In Your Bubble INFO
Make Things Right INFO
Big Lips INFO
Words INFO
Agree No More INFO

“Andrew Van Garratt’s muscular, grungy vocals deliver emotion, dystopia and flower pop romance with equal vigor in this vibrant rock collection that features everything from burning, poser-metal guitars to youthful, 90s-friendly alt-psychedelics.”
Description by WCPM

Andrew Van Garratt has teamed up with UK producer Matt Hyde to create his third solo album.

They first worked together on the No Hope In New Jersey track “Narcolepsy” which was played on Radio 1 and the accompanying video was regularly played on MTV 2.

The resulting album has been signed by Warner Chappell and some songs have featured on BBC Introducing and BBC 6 Fresh On The Net.

The album is dedicated to his uncle Paul Hollingworth. His support over the years has been invaluable.

Back to 1985

Back to 1985 INFO
Strangest Thing INFO
Temperature Rising INFO
The Champions INFO
Each Day INFO
Never Giving Up INFO
Never Giving Up (Trailerized) INFO

Andrew Van Garratt teamed up with Ziggy Sullivin on the 80s themed “Back to 1985” project. 7 songs in total. Both sharing songwriting and instrumental duties but with Andy on lead guitar and lead vocals with Ziggy producing the record.

The album featured a BBC Track Of the week and signed by Warner Chappell.

Early Doors (EP)

Memory Fades No 5 INFO
Beautiful Soulster INFO
Solstice Day (Extended Version) INFO

Ride into the Sun (EP)

Ride into the Sun INFO
Dead to You INFO
Is It Punishing Me (Sleep For A Thousand Years) INFO
Cast Out INFO

Silencer (EP)

Said Reality INFO
Unstuck INFO
Under The Sun INFO
All The Time INFO

V Sides (EP)

I Don't Know - Radio Version INFO
Here We Go INFO
Skyline INFO
Room Of View INFO

Hey, Into The Void

Hey, Into The Void INFO

Get Up (Single)


Dedicated To Nobody

Steal INFO
1985 INFO
Hey Into The Void INFO
Fall Apart INFO
One Fine Day INFO
Standard Affair INFO
Approval Removal INFO
Headswell INFO
Road Rage INFO
Solstice Day INFO
I Don't Know INFO
Romance, Opus 1 INFO

One Fine Day

One Fine Day INFO


1985 INFO

Work of Fiction

Nothing Here Is Real INFO
Get Away INFO
Clown Inside The Shop INFO
Sally Anne INFO
At The End INFO
Miss Understand INFO
Pass Away INFO
Red Carpet Day INFO
Dr Sane INFO
Stay Like The Rain INFO
Modern World (Song for Bowie) INFO

Steady Diet Of Decline (No Hope In New Jersey)

Decline INFO
Bad Luck INFO
Joys In Regret INFO
Waste INFO
Sky Deal INFO
Invaders INFO
In The Yard INFO
Narcolepsy INFO
Sanitised Toilet Life INFO
Gut Junk INFO
Feel Free to Fit INFO

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