"If "Approval Removal" doesn't get stuck in your head we don't know what will - It's the awesome sound of Andrew Van Garratt playing right now on #BBCintroducing"
- BBC Introducing
"Absolutely amazing! Riffs man, just riffs. There’s not enough widdle-fest in metal music or rock music [these days]."
- Lal Muttock, BBC Northampton
"Catchy as you like and his tracks always infiltrate the brain and the mind, you find yourself humming them over breakfast the next day."
- Dean Jackson, BBC Introducing East Midlands
"Work Of Fiction does indeed pull influence from many musical styles and bands, but even so, if you’re not too familiar with any of the aforementioned, Van Garratt’s work should please the choosiest of listeners. I for one hope to hear more from him soon."
- Jay Freeman, Divide and Conquer
"Riffs, Andrew Van Garratt, My Main Man, Always Bringing Those Riffs, The Track Is Called Standard Affair."
- Lal Muttock, BBC Introducing

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